Wednesday, November 2, 2011

So Long Family Of Three

I've procrastinated writing this post for some time because I've been at a loss for words (and time).  Since I can't seem to get my thoughts together I've decided to let everybody in on the abbreviated, simple version of what we've been up to these last few months. As you have  probably guessed if you saw the post a few weeks ago, we have been busily working on our second adoption. Liya is excited to become a little sister! Big sister is five years old and from China. She is described as active, independent, smart, stubborn, and silly. Sounds quite a bit like a certain two year old we know!  She enjoys learning to play the piano and loves showing others how to play. 

We are adopting through China's special needs program. Our little girl was one child of almost 2000 children on China's waiting child list. I will write about our daughter's special need at a later date. We are so thankful to know that she is living in an amazing medical foster home that looks out for her needs.  

I'm sure everybody would love to see a photo and I am sorry to say you are just going to have to wait! Although it is not an official rule, we have been advised to wait on posting any public photos. The pictures we have seen of her are so sweet. She's always smiling for the camera and she has a dimple on her right cheek just like Liya! 


Matt and Kristi said...

Hooray hooray hooray!!!

The Busters said...

This is wonderful news!!! Huge Congrats, Lisa!! She sounds amazing!

Janel said...

Whooooo hoooooo!!!! I am excited to follow along on your new journey!

Sondra said...

Congratulations!! I can't wait to meet her! Liya will have so much fun with a sister I'm sure! :)

Brooke said...

I cannot wait to follow your journey and she certainly is beautiful and special! She will be so blessed!
Can't wait to see her pictures all over your blog! :)