Friday, February 10, 2012

Budding Musician

Liya has always been fairly musical. She is always dancing, singing, and listening to music. I'm sure most toddlers are that way. Lately she has been infatuated with a Yanni concert on Netflix. She would watch it all day every day if we let her and chooses it above watching anything else. Of course we are good parents and don't let her watch it all the time, but watching an orchestra performance is educational TV right? She has learned to recognize a trumpet, french horn, cello (or jello), violin, oboe, harp, hammered dulcimer, and duduk by sight and sound. She is fascinated by the musicians playing their instruments. She dances around and pretends to sing or play whatever instrument is being shown. She will also just zone out and be totally engrossed in the concert. Violin is her favorite instrument to imitate. Here are a few clips of some my favorite musical moments.

This is her first time playing a real trumpet. Daddy was a trumpet player in school. We were both shocked that she could actually make a noise.

Improvised violin. She thought of the baton all by herself. 

Playing violin to some music from youtube. I fashioned the less cumbersome violin for her.

Singing to Yanni.

Singing her favorite song from Tangled. I'm not sure why she keeps sticking her tongue out, but this is the best version I have recorded.

The louder the better!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

We Are DTC!

Dossier to China that is! Two weeks ago we received the much anticipated USCIS approval, the last document to complete our dossier. After two days of stress, craziness, and hard work getting the Secretary of State authentications and making sure everything was in perfect order I was able to send our dossier to the Chinese consulate for the final authentications. Yesterday our agency received our completed dossier from the consulate. Today it was sent to China!

Next we wait for our LID (Log In Date). It should take 2-4 weeks to hear about that. After we get our LID we will wait 1-4 months to receive our LSC (Letter Seeking Confirmation) which is our official referral :)  Travel is looking like it will be late summer to early fall.                                                                                                        

Monday, February 6, 2012

It's Potty Time

It has been six weeks since I've had to wash a load of dirty diapers. I was beginning to think this day would never come. We had been potty training for over a year with periodic success. Then one day when we least expected it, almost overnight, it happened. Liya went from having virtually no interest in using the potty to being almost potty trained within a couple days.  And, by having no interest, I mean she would prefer to sit in her wet/dirty diaper until I made her lay down to change it while she cried (screamed) and fought (rolled, pinched, hit) me at every step. I got to where I would dread having to change her diaper. Then, just before Christmas, we turned her crib into a big girl bed and got her some training pants and that was it.  No more diapers.

There was one night a few weeks ago I awoke to sounds coming from the bathroom. Unaccustomed to this, I ran in, turned on the light and found Liya had taken her sleeper and diaper off and was sitting on the potty! It hasn't happened since, but I was pretty impressed. Now this week we finally had success using strange big toilets when we were out and about. She would try to use the public restrooms without success, but she would always still be accident free by the time we got home. I'm so proud of her!

Potty training has lent itself to all kinds of entertainment.

We used to give mini marshmallows as a reward for going potty. A few weeks ago after we stopped using them as rewards I gave Liya a couple just for a little treat. This conversation followed-
Liya-  "Can I have some more marshmallows?"
Me- "That's it for now."
Liya- "I have to go poop."
Runs to the bathroom, sits on the potty and starts grunting.
Me- "Are you just trying to go poop so you can get another marshmallow?"
Liya- "It's something I can do, so get up and pray to your God."
Me- hysterical laughter
I don't think she earned another marshmallow.

Then there was the time when I was giving her some requested privacy to do her business. From the bathroom I heard, "Oh no, my ducky is there." I asked her "Where is your duck?" "My ducky is there," she said lifting her butt slightly off the potty. Sure enough, there was rubber ducky sitting on top. I was so mad, yet found it hard to keep from laughing out loud. I had to photograph the incident and sent it to Travis to enjoy. I debated posting it here but decided to spare you.

Another time Travis was holding Liya when she said she had to go potty.  She often says that a little too late. They were both wet by the time the words left her mouth. I laughed pretty hard.

I will try to post an adoption update tomorrow!

And here's a photo of the little stinker. Good photos of this active sassypants are few. I had to tickle her with my feet to get her to look at me and smile.