Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My Baby Is Two

We celebrated Liya's second birthday last week. I can't believe our baby is two!  We gave her a Dinosaur Train train set in the morning. She had fun with mommy during the day and then we met daddy in town for some birthday frozen yogurt.  She had her own cup for the first time and enjoyed every messy bite.

Birthday call from aunt Laura.

Watching daddy leave for work.

Fun with colored water.

Two hours later!
Yogurt with all the fixings: fruit and marshmallows.
More on the previous post coming soon!


The Busters said...

Happy Birthday, Liya!!! Sounds like a great birthday to me! I love the photo of Liya on your lap. So sweet. DYING TO HEAR YOUR NEWS!!!!! :)

Matt and Kristi said...

Happy Happy Birthday little dinosaur! I miss your shriek-y little voice already!
Auntie Kristi

Nate and Jenna said...

She is beautiful! Miss you guys and happy birthday to Liya!! We miss seeing her sweet little face every week.

Brooke said...

Happy belated birthday to Liya! I love your photos...what kind of camera do you have?