Tuesday, February 7, 2012

We Are DTC!

Dossier to China that is! Two weeks ago we received the much anticipated USCIS approval, the last document to complete our dossier. After two days of stress, craziness, and hard work getting the Secretary of State authentications and making sure everything was in perfect order I was able to send our dossier to the Chinese consulate for the final authentications. Yesterday our agency received our completed dossier from the consulate. Today it was sent to China!

Next we wait for our LID (Log In Date). It should take 2-4 weeks to hear about that. After we get our LID we will wait 1-4 months to receive our LSC (Letter Seeking Confirmation) which is our official referral :)  Travel is looking like it will be late summer to early fall.                                                                                                        


Lynette said...

Hi! CONGRATS on a beautiful baby #1, and a second blessing on the way!! We were DTC on 1/27/12. We were matched with our daughter already on 9/30/11 and we are in love with her. Hope your journey continues as quickly as possible. ... we were told we should travel in the summer, though I keep hoping for sooner than the quoted "5 to 9" months.

Janel said...

One huge step closer!!!!! Yay!!!!

Brooke said...

CONGRATS on DTC! WOW...you are flying through this...maybe we will be traveling together! Hope you hear about your LID soon! :)