Thursday, June 16, 2011

Cornrow update

After five days I started redoing the cornrows by splitting them into two. Tiny cornrows took a lot longer to put in! I spread it out over 3 non-consecutive days and they took about 3.5 hours total. Now there are ten smaller cornrows. Most of them have been in a week now and I still might leave them in for a few more days, depending on how much the fuzz bothers me. It's not the two weeks I was hoping for, but it's been a nice break for her hair (a break from styling and from the toddler whose favorite activity is rubbing her head on everything).

This picture was taken after most of the braids had been in 4 or 5 days
already and before daddy made a Liya burrito in the comforter.
Previous cornrows for side by side comparison.


Matt and Kristi said...

Those are beautiful!

Angie said...

Nice job! did you get a toddler to sit still long enough?!? I'm impressed, Lisa :)

Lisa said...

Angie- Sesame Street and snacks in a booster seat :) Also only sitting for an hour or so at a time. I think she's had her fill of long hair sessions for a while though.