Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Five Months

The call did not come last week while we were on our yearly mini vacation to the North Shore. I thought for sure we would be celebrating our referral on this trip. I'm sure I didn't enjoy our hiking as much as I should have. One day we spent several hours out of cell phone range. The whole time I anxiously awaited our arrival back to cell phone land, in fact, I planned that we had to leave our location by 2:30 so that we could be back to our villa by 4:30 in case we did get a call. This kind of planning happens every day in my world these days.

Today we have officially been waiting for 5 months. I thought last month would surely be our month, but hopefully October will bring us the news for which we've been eagerly anticipating!

Here are a few pictures from our last (hopefully) vacation sans kids. This year we didn't hit the fall colors at their peak but it was still beautiful as always!

Wisconsin side of Lake Superior looking at Duluth, MN. I never knew Lake Superior had sand dunes until this trip!

St. Louis River

An overlook from up high, you can see Lake Superior in the back of the photo

Shovel Point

A large cargo ship that came into port as we were walking along the canal one evening


Matt and Kristi said...

Your pictures remind me what a wonderful place Duluth and the North Shore are! Lucky you guys for getting to spend a few days up there. How was the weather? Looks like you had at least one or two nice days.
Be patient for your little girl, dear sister. Keep praying for her, because you know she is out there and she needs her Mama to be praying over her. We'll keep praying too.

Mark and Heidi said...

Beautiful pictures! My husband says "Go Twins except if its against the Red Sox!". Not sure if that's even your team but it's nice when he participates in this blog world so take it for what it's worth! You know I can relate to the rest of your post...I think of you often and can't wait to celebrate your good news! Sending you guys lots of love, prayer and support in the meantime...

Dad (soon to be twice a grandpa) said...

After God created Lake Superior and the North Shore he could have quit! It's so beautiful! Good thing he didn't because he went on to create bacon and grandkids!!!!

Lisa said...

Funny, dad

Mark and Heidi said...

Still thinking of you, and love that you dream of my babies! I'm starting to think that maybe you are getting siblings and that's why you haven't heard anything yet! I really thought you were going to get that call ages ago...

I go back and forth between bringing the phone into the bathroom, and leaving it behind!

Hope you are staying busy and holding up ok :-)