Thursday, April 2, 2009

Almost Waiting

We have been fingerprinted a total of 3 times now! Well, actually I've been printed 4 times because one of the cards came back unreadable after 5 weeks of waiting for clearance. This time (Monday) at the USCIS office we were fingerprinted digitally, which was really quite fascinating and hopefully will result in better prints. Although several of my fingers had to be redone numerous times.

Besides getting our fingerprints on Monday we went to the Secretary of State to have 14 of our documents authenticated. Authenticated means that the Secretary of State acknowledges that the notary who notarized the document is indeed a notary with an active commission. Wouldn't you know it, 4 of the documents had problems! The notaries had written their commission expiration wrong. All I can say is it's a good thing we did a trial run before we are in a hurry to get things done. We will go back to get the remaining documents authenticated once we receive the I-171H.

I don't have an accurate time estimate to receive the I-171H (immigration approval), but I'd like to say it should be around a month, give or take a bit. In the meantime we are busy tying up loose ends with our dossier. It's mostly complete. Besides the I-171H, we have to finish writing our letter to the Ethiopian officials stating why we want to adopt a child from Ethiopia. Every time I start this letter my mind goes blank and I have no idea where to even start. I have started writing this letter so many times. It is such an important thing and I don't want to mess it up. I've had since July to think about it and now it's really the last piece we need to finish.


Anonymous said...

re: "... letter to the Ethiopian officials stating why we want to adopt a child from Ethiopia. Every time I start this letter my mind goes blank..."

I know exactly what you mean about the blank mind. Although you were not adopted (as far as you know) I keep asking myself "what in earth caused us to sign up to have you kids!" Then I remembered the tax deductions; cheap labor for firewood stacking; dish washing; vacuuming; finding the remote, etc. Can you use something like that in your letter?

-Grandpa Mark

Matt and Kristi said...

How about the way you feel when that little person with crazy dandelion fluff hair reaches up out of the crib to be picked up and says mama?

Is my letter one of the improperly notarized documents?

Auntie Laura said...

I had a dream about her! She was sooo cute, and loved to be held by you! And you got a referral as soon as you got on the waiting list!

Laura said...

I've been waiting for an update.

Lisa said...

Sorry you've been waiting so long Laura! I'll post soon. I don't really have any updates though...unless tomorrow I find our I-171H in the mail.

Laura said...

I had another dream that you got her name and picture in the mail already!

Jonathan et Kari said...


Travis sent me a link to your blog and I'm excited to follow along and pray with you on this journey.

My sister-in-law works for World Orphans and traveled to Ethiopia recently. If you're interested: